German Military Aviation Authority awarded the Type Certificate for MALE UAS German Heron TP Bremen/Tel-Aviv

On December 8th 2022, the German Military Aviation Authority (GMAA) formally awarded a Type Certificate to BAAINBw for the German Heron TP (GHTP) remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), which was contracted to Airbus Defence and Space Airborne Solutions GmbH and IAI for modification, production and operation by the German Airforce.

The Type Certificate is the result of years of intensive type certification effort by the prime contractor Airbus DS Airborne Solutions GmbH (ADAS) and its partner the GHTP OEM Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) together with the GMAA. The Type certificate attests GHTP’s compliance with the latest version of military airworthiness standard (STANAG 4671). The effort included major adaptation of multiple systems to be compliant with the required standards, compilation, review of hundreds of documents, as well as multiple reviews and tests in close cooperation between GMAA, ADAS and IAI. All this was performed, and brought to a very successful conclusion, despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic.

The awarding of the Type Certificate paves the way for the GHTP worldwide operation by German Armed Forces and lays a cornerstone for IAI’s continued development of systems and products to maintain its position as a pioneer in RPAS industry, since its earliest days.

The German Heron TP is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, multiple payload, remotely piloted aircraft system (MALE-RPAS) developed and build by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Airbus DS Airborne Solutions (ADAS). It is based on IAI’s reliable Heron TP used by the IDF and Heron 1 that already supported German Forces for more than a decade in their missions in Afghanistan and Mali. Measuring 26 m span and weighing up to 5,400 kg the GHTP is capable of multi sensor missions for up to 27 hours. The system includes high levels of automation and system safety features in terms of multiple redundancies and automatic monitoring, detection of possible malfunctions and reconfiguration to maintain safe flight and airspace integration. The system will be one of the first UAS in this class ever to receive STANAG 4671 certification.

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